Preschool/Kindergarten Program

The preschool/kindergarten experience is play based. Learning opportunities that frame the program, highlight the skills that are emerging. Through play, children are developing cognition skills which include – problem solving, counting, patterning, learning time, weight, capacity, seriating and classifying. They are also developing language and literacy skills which include – letter recognition, reading, new vocabulary, sentence structure, other languages, signing, conversing with peers and staff, enjoying books and retelling/recalling experiences. The children begin to form lasting friendships. They develop tools to solve conflicts, regulate and identify the emotions of themselves and others, co-operate and develop empathy for others. The children are also given opportunities to engage in physical activities such as riding bikes, tag, soccer, badminton. These learning opportunities provide the child with a time for release but also to engage in social skill building, games with rules, co-operation and good sportsmanship.

How Does Learning Happen is the foundation of our Ontario School system kindergarten curriculum and our Centre strives to achieve a similar set up for the children, to ensure continuity and easy transition from Preschool to Full Day KG.