Infant Room

Infants grow and develop at such a rapid rate that sometimes it is hard to keep up. Programming for the infants is based on each child and their current developmental stage. Individual program plans provide the basis for growth and development of each infant and take into account their cognitive, social, emotional, language, gross and fine motor skills.

As well as individual program plans, group activities are planned including songs and story periods, outdoor play time, creative art sessions and sensory play. Each child has the opportunity to participate in all activities with as much or as little assistance as they require.

We encourage parents to visit, call or “check-in” as we understand that this may be an emotional time for you and your baby. Communication between staff and parents is extremely important at this age.

Daily conferences sometimes just long enough to establish what your child ate at home and when they were last changed are valuable information exchanges that assist the staff in planning your child’s day. Daily sheets give you an insight into the day with information including what your child ate and drank and when, activities they participated in and diaper changes.

The infant staff are extremely professional and experienced giving each child individual attention and consistently working with them to attain each developmental milestone. Our centre offers a clean, safe and nurturing environment establishing a calm and familiar daily routine. Transitions from home to daycare become smooth and stress free as the infants develop bonds of trust and caring, in an atmosphere designed to feel like home away from home.